The Authority on Automated Software Testing

Who is IDT

IDT provides Automated Software Testing products and solutions for the integration, system testing and certification of DoD mission critical software systems. IDT has the proven expertise and automated testing technology that dramatically accelerates test execution and reporting time while also enabling expanded test coverage and test complexity.

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Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT) includes a product suite that fully supports the rigorous test process used during the verification and validation of DoD software systems.  The ATRT product suite is a non-invasive, model based, scriptless approach to automated software testing which does not require any changes to the system under test.

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DoD Focused

ATRT is DoD approved and designed to support test program requirements to produce repeatable and consistent objective quality evidence while reducing the amount of time and cost spent on software testing. Over just the past six months, we have delivered more than 150,000 automated test steps in support of the DoD.

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