Our Clients

IDT provides Automated Software Testing Products and Solutions for the integration, system testing and certification of DoD mission-critical systems.  We understand the role of testing in the deployment of software that will be used by service men and women throughout the world.  We respect the well-established defense industry standards for quality assurance that certify systems are suitable for deployment.

ATRT products and solutions have been delivered to and approved for use across many DoD commands.   We have had the opportunity to work with and deliver successful results for:

  1. Surface Ships (Aegis, LCS, SSDS)Automated Software Testing for US Navy (navy.mil)
  2. Submarine Systems (A-RCI, BYG-1, SWFTS)
  3. Mission Planning and Communication Systems (JMPS, Link-16)
  4. Information Assurance (Security Compliance)


Test Types and Environments ATRT has Successfully Supported:

ATRT Test Types Table