Automated Software Testing for US Navy Sailors











IDT provides automated testing and analysis (ATA) solutions for the integration, system testing and certification of mission-critical DOD systems.  We understand the role of testing in the deployment of software that will be used by service men and women throughout the world.  We follow the well-established defense industry standards for quality assurance that certify systems are suitable for deployment.

A few examples of the programs we have had the opportunity to work with and deliver successful results for include:

Surface Ships and Aviation Systems

Programs include: Aegis, Aegis BMD, LCS, SSDS, E-2D, MCS, SCS, ECDIS-N, CCS

Submarine Systems

Programs include: A-RCI, BYG-1, SWFTS, VA Class

Communication and Planning Systems

Programs include: Link-16, JMPS, TMPC


Test Types and Environments our solutions have supported:

ATRT Test Types Table