ATRT: Analysis Manager

Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT): Analysis Manager  is a powerful automated data analysis capability. It rapidly evaluates system behavior based on the automated analysis of test data against requirements and performance specifications. ATRT: Analysis Manager supports large, complex, software-based systems in which the required analysis exceeds the capacity of human analysts and program resources.

ATRT: Analysis Manager is developed using Model Based System Engineering (MBSE). The behavior of the System Under Test (SUT) is characterized in System Modeling Language (SysML). The ATRT/MBSE approach enables the development of a high-fidelity automated test and analysis capability which provides system requirements verification and test result analytics to support overall system testing.

ATRT: Analysis Manager generates result reports and plots to identify system problems and support defect resolution. This innovative, high-efficiency capability offers comprehensive, data-level analysis for all tests and is particularly effective with extremely large data sets.

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ATRT: Analysis Manager’s enabling technology includes:


System Model Integration

ATRT AM is able to import Use Cases and Verification steps defined in a System Model using standard SysML.

Automated Generation of Analysis Cases

ATRT AM allows for analysis cases to be automatically derived and created based on System Model inputs.

Flexible Data Import

ATRT AM is designed to easily be updated to read and interpret data formats uniquely defined by each system.

Data Management

ATRT AM databases are designed to support the management and evaluation of large data sets.

Comprehensive Reporting

ATRT AM uses Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) and provides comprehensive reporting including requirements traceability and event reconstruction capabilities.

Customized Reporting

Since ATRT AM uses Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), reports can be easily customized to support customer specific formats.

Event Reconstruction

ATRT AM reconstructs your system’s behavior from key mission messages and external data types such as sensors and truth data.

Requirements Verification

ATRT AM verifies individual requirements based on derived Use Cases from your system’s stakeholder specifications.

Requirements Analysis

ATRT AM allows users to analyze requirements across mission threads and environmental conditions so that full test coverage of a requirement can be achieved.

Performance Analysis

ATRT AM calculates and reports Key Performance Parameters (KPPs), Measures of Performance (MOPs), and Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) from your system’s recorded data.