ATRT: Test Manager

Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT): Test Manager  provides an innovative solution that solves the unique testing problems of today’s complex software systems. ATRT: Test Manager  is designed to support testing of heterogeneous multi-computer environments that can be applied across the entire testing lifecycle.

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Non-intrusive to the System Under Test (SUT)

ATRT TM uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to interact with the SUT for GUI testing.  As a result, ATRT TM is not required to be installed on the SUT.

Cross platform/OS compatible

Unlike many test tools that are specific to certain platforms and operating systems, ATRT TM is cross-platform and cross-OS compatible. For example,  a single version of the ATRT TM will support web, client server, and handheld platforms for Linux, Windows, Solaris OSs.

GUI technology neutral

ATRT TM is independent of any GUI controls (custom or non-custom) and is GUI technology neutral.  This means new GUI technologies can be used during the development process and not impact building automated tests with ATRT.

Combining the power of GUI and non-GUI automated testing

ATRT TM provides both GUI and message based testing.  This powerful feature enables GUI test steps and message based test steps to be integrated and executed in the same test case.

Distributed testing over a network

ATRT TM allows for distributed automated testing over a network.  This feature is key for testing network based systems where system components are executing across many computers.

Concurrent testing support

ATRT TM allows for multiple and unique test steps to be executed in parallel across multiple computers.  This capability is beneficial in simulating multiple users or evaluating possible race conditions.

Batch processing

ATRT TM provides a batch processing feature which allows multiple test cases to be executed together as part of a batch job.  Batch processing is extremely useful in designing and executing an endurance or longevity test.

Scriptless automated testing

ATRT TM does not use or require any scripting to build tests.  ATRT TM provides a model based graphical user interface allowing users to drag and drop actions onto a canvas to build tests.

Data Driven

ATRT Test Manager allows for the creation of data pools to describe different data values and combinations to be tested.  With this data driven testing feature, one test scenario can be reused over and over with different data values and data combinations allowing for increased data scenario coverage.

Model driven

ATRT TM provides a model based graphical user interface allowing users to drag and drop actions onto a canvas to build tests.  ATRT TM can also support import/export to SYSML.

Extensible Technology

ATRT TM is built on an Eclipse based framework.  Using ATRT’s published APIs, users can build their own Eclipse based plug-ins to extend ATRT functionality.

Extensible Reporting Framework

ATRT TM uses the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT).   Users can design custom reports and export the reports into multiple reporting formats (PDF, Word, HTML, etc.).

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

VNC is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the RFP protocol to remotely interact with another computer.  VNC technology allows the ATRT TM’s installation and use to be non-intrusive to the System Under Test.

XML based data stores

ATRT TM stores test data artifacts in an XML format providing an industry standard cross-compatible data exchange and data representation.

Test Management

ATRT TM provides an end-to-end Test Management solution allowing for the creation and management of test case documentation, broken down into test case, test step, and action, along with reporting and traceability features.

Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)

ATRT TM provides the ability to both document and import requirements, associate requirements to test cases and then full traceability of all test artifacts back to the requirements.

Enhanced Error Debugging

ATRT TM’s debug feature provides an easy way to compare expected vs. actual image results after a test has completed. In addition, a debug execution feature allows run time debug support.

Optical Character Recognition

Sometimes text needs to be extracted from a non-editable image field on the System Under Test’s (SUT) GUI and then be compared to another field.  ATRT’s TM has solved this issue by providing an OCR capability that allows users to “extract” the non-editable image data for comparison.

Automated Capture using X,Y coordinates

For quick and easy automated test creation, and for System Under Test (SUT) whose GUI layout and image positions rarely change, ATRT TM provides an automated capture feature based on x,y coordinates.

Connecting to a different SUT component at the action level

ATRT’s TM powerful IP address/connection feature allows test actions to be easily updated and connected to a different IP address.

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