Automated Testing Strategy

A well-thought-out automated testing strategy serves as the blueprint for automation success. IDT will work with you to develop a customized automated test strategy to realize this success.

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The Automated Testing Strategy includes:

Define the scope and objectives

As part of the automated testing strategy we will help you clearly define your goals for using automation and help you determine which elements of your test program should be considered for automation.

Assess tests for automatability

We realize not all tests lend themselves to automation and for those that do lend themselves to automation the Return on Investment (ROI) might not justify the cost to implement some of them. We will review your existing test artifacts (requirements, test cases, expected results, etc.) and make recommendations on areas to focus your automated testing efforts.

Identify the automated test approach

Based on your objectives and assessment of your tests, we may recommend a GUI based, message based, combined GUI/message based approaches, data analysis or other automated testing approach to best suite your needs.

Identify test automation personnel and training requirements

Your automated test program is only as good as the people implementing it. Based on our experience, we can help identify your test automation personnel requirements and training needs.