It is no secret that the focus of our business at IDT is on building software testing and analysis solutions that are used every day by large program managers, developers and testers. If you fit into any of those categories, we aim to make your job easier by helping you to transform your software testing.

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog that posed the question, What is on your Software Testing Wish List? Since we are in the midst of the gift giving season, we thought it was worth asking that question again. As you reflect on the past year, and evaluate your testing experiences, are there features, processes or products that would have made your work easier and more efficient?

Our testing solution, ATRT: Test Manager has some distinguishing characteristics. For starters, it is model-based, scriptless, and non-intrusive to the SUT. It saves time and increases testing coverage and quality.  But in addition to those features, it has broad system capabilities and is customizable to meet your program’s goals and needs. Additionally, ATRT: Test Manager has enabled our customers increase their testing efficiency an average of 75% when compared to previous manual test processes.

Perhaps the best gift we can give you right now is the opportunity to learn more about ATRT technologies. Please contact us.  It just might transform the way you test your software in the year ahead!