On November 4, 2013, IDT’s automated software testing team announced the release of several significant enhancements to its industry-leading software testing product, Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT): Test Manager. The latest version expands the capabilities of IDT’s powerful automated software testing solution.

ATRT: Test Manager, version 5.6.7, has added support for RTI DDS (Data Distribution Service) messaging protocol, which expands the product’s current messaging capabilities. The addition of DDS enables more efficient use of transport bandwidth and broadens the configuration parameters, giving developers more control of messages. This version also has improved its image algorithm which enhances image searching and improves GUI based testing. Another new feature is the message wizard, which simplifies the process of creating automated test cases for messaging. Lastly, this release provides text image search capability. This action generates an image of a string of text, then searches the System Under Test for that image.

“It has always been our goal to make software testing more efficient through our innovative automated software testing products,” said Scott Bindas, IDT’s Test Manager Product Director. “In each ATRT: Test Manager update, we aim to increase capabilities in response to customer feedback. The features released today offer users added flexibility and further enhance product capability.”

ATRT: Test Manager, IDT’s state-of-the-art automated software testing product, facilitates the efficient automation and integration of testing efforts across the entire software testing lifecycle. ATRT: Test Manager’s model-based, scriptless approach to automated testing provides an intuitive, user-friendly methodology with which developers can create and maintain automated tests. ATRT: Test Manager is one of a suite of software testing products developed under the ATRT program. IDT’s products have a proven reputation for improving software quality while saving time and decreasing costs.

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