If you’ve been reading our recent blogs and following our social media posts—on Facebook and LinkedIn pages—then you probably realize IDT’s annual software programming contest, the 2014 Automated Software Testing Challenge, is right around the corner. We have been encouraging groups of high school and college students to apply for this year’s event. (Teams can still register; check the guidelines found on our contest website.) It is a great opportunity for students to move the conversation about evolving technology out the classroom and into the industry.

Since IDT’s business and expertise are focused on Automated Software Testing, the goal of our contest is to challenge students by introducing them to real problems surrounding this technology. In brief, Automated Software Testing is a highly efficient approach to testing that saves a significant amount of time while improving software quality. The theme for the 2014 contest is Built-In Automated Testing, and will explore ways of integrating automated testing processes directly into production code. Interaction on this topic is sure to inspire students to think creatively and to gain valuable hands-on experience.

This year’s problem will be released today (December 16, 2013). All registered teams can log in to the contest website to get a first look at the thought-provoking problem and view additional information they might need to get started. Our blog last Wednesday reviewed the contest rules and judging guidelines.

Participating teams will have about seven weeks to work together to solve the problem. Winter break provides a great opportunity to get started! The deadline for solution submissions is February 1, 2014. Finalists will be invited to a Presentation Day in Arlington, Virginia on February 22, 2014. Students will present their solutions and are able to interact with other finalists and IDT’s engineers and software professionals.

Not that winning should be the only goal in this process, but it is important to mention that valuable prizes are given to all finalists. Are you a high school or college student who would like to take on the challenge? If so, please contact us in our Arlington, Virginia office.