By Elfriede Dustin–In our August blog on interoperability we discussed the need for standardized test information interchange among automated testing solutions. As mentioned, we at IDT, along with others in industry, are working to get the Test Information Interchange (TestIF) standard officially approved via the OMG standards body (

Here is the latest update on our TestIF progress: we’ve successfully implemented the TestIF within our own automated software testing solutions. After all, we test everything we produce using our own automated testing solutions. During this exercise, we uncovered a few TestIF issues and incorporated the necessary changes (along with input from other industry members) into the TestIF standard. The updates have been submitted to the OMG in the latest Beta 2 version of the standard. We are getting very close to finalizing this effort and putting the standard up for a final vote for approval at the December 2013 OMG meeting in Santa Clara, CA.  There are many reasons why this TestIF standard is needed, for example:

  • If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of trying to switch from one automated testing tool to another but decided not to make the move because you already had too much time invested and too many automated test cases that existed using the old solution, this new TestIF standard could be the solution to the problem.
  • If you are using multiple automated testing solution across the various software development lifecycle and automated testing phases, e.g. one tool is used during the developer phase while the other tool is used during the system testing phase. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reuse the test artifacts used during the developer phase and be able to easily interchange reusable data between the various tools?

Once vendors start applying the TestIF to their solutions, the interoperability of test artifacts will be seamless among automated testing solutions.

There are many more reasons for this Test Data interchange capability and the standardization of software testing tools. What are yours?