USS Texas-SSN775

Photo Credit: US Navy-Scene inside USS Texas

Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) was recently featured in an article published in Sea Technology magazine. Entitled Submarine Combat Systems Engineering: Application of Mission-Based Testing to Complex Undersea Systems, the piece discussed the challenges faced by the undersea warfare test community as the systems they support are constantly evolving and growing increasingly complex. As system complexity grows, so does the number of requirements that must be verified to ensure that systems perform as required by the fleet. A more efficient methodology of testing would enable the Navy to more rapidly introduce new capabilities.

IDT offers a means to achieve improved testing efficiency and effectiveness through the use of automation in mission-based testing. As discussed in the article, this approach has many benefits, including expanded test coverage that assesses more conditions and requirements for more mission threads, thus enabling the Navy to more quickly move from the identification of fleet requirements to the fielding of associated fleet capabilities.

Read the full article written by Bernie Gauf (IDT CEO) and Burt LeJune (IDT Deputy Director) and published by Sea Technology (Nov 2015). Contact IDT for more information. (For a printable, high resolution version, click here.)