Here at IDT, we do a lot of thinking about features that would streamline automated software testing for our customers. We are always working towards the next update to our software testing products.  If you had just one wish for any feature of your automated software testing tool, what would it be?

Listed below are the top seven features that were on our customers’ automated software testing wish lists:

  1. Is not intrusive to the system under test (SUT)
  2. Is Operating System independent (compatible with Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.)
  3. Is GUI technology independent (i.e., should be able to handle GUI technologies written in Motif, C#, etc., and handle any type of third-party non-custom GUI control)
  4. Can support GUI- and non-GUI-centric automation (i.e., handle test operations on SUTs with GUI and handle operations on the SUT’s backend, such as various messages being sent)
  5. Can handle a networked multicomputer environment (i.e., multiple servers and multiple monitors/displays interconnected to form one SUT)
  6. Can be used by non-developers (testers in the DoD labs were subject matter experts but not necessarily software developers who could use an automated testing tool efficiently)
  7. Can support an automated Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) and provides  other reporting

We listened. And we can confidently report that all of these features are incorporated into ATRT: Test Manager— one of IDT’s industry-leading software testing products.

We’ve described some features of ATRT: Test Manager in several articles. You might be interested in our latest white paper, Automated Software Testing – An example of a working solution, recently published in Software Development Times. Another discussion of testing tool requirements, The Testing Industry’s Automated Testing Tool Conundrum, can be found on the Software Test Professionals (STP) website. These articles generated good dialogue and feedback regarding automated testing tools.

What are the most important automated testing solution features on your wish list? Is there any overlap between your features and the seven listed here? If so, you may want to check out IDT’s testing solutions.

We welcome your feedback…and wish lists!