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Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration for Warfare Systems

Continuous Integration is the software engineering best practice of merging, testing, and integrating software under source control at frequent intervals throughout the development process. In a Continuous Integration (CI) environment, any changes to the code are tested and reported on as soon as feasible. In most cases this involves nightly software builds and nightly automated test runs to allow for quick look reporting on newly introduced issues.

This approach enables developers to more regularly apply unit, integration, and system testing and to detect and address errors quickly. CI environments prevent integration problems and increase quality controls, resulting in the faster delivery of better software.

The CI solutions offered by Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) can improve technical performance, decrease costs, and speed the development of warfare systems. They can run in any type of environment—the cloud, networked, or standalone—and offer many advantages.

Read more about IDT’s CI solutions here: CI in the Cloud.