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Learn how to implement automated testing effectively.  Get trained onsite or remotely by our experienced, professional staff. We’ll work with your training needs; from introductory to expert levels. Training sessions can be customized to fit your needs.  Introductory training is also available for evaluation copies.

Course Offering

TM021 –  First Look: ATRT Test Manager

This 8-hour course is designed for students who are new to automated testing concepts and who have had little-to-no exposure to the ATRT Test Manager. Attendees will learn how to construct automated Test Cases, and will be exposed to the industry’s basic practices. The class is given online via a combination of screen sharing, Virtual Network Computing (VNC) nodes, and a conference call.

TM121 – Introduction to ATRT Test Manager

Providing an in-depth introduction to the ATRT Test Manager, this 2-day on-site course is designed to immerse students in the field of automated testing. It builds a foundation for students who have no prior knowledge of the Automated Test and Re-Test (ATRT) process, and then provides guidance on select intermediate topics.

TM141 -  Adoption of ATRT Test Manager

This rigorous 3-day on-site course focuses on getting students up and running in their facility with the ATRT Test Manager. Assuming the class has no prior knowledge of automated testing, the first two days are held in a classroom and focus on the application and general testing concepts. By the end of the second day, students can expect to have built automated test cases of intermediate difficulty. The third day is used to provide on-site training in a facility of the customer’s choice. Instructors use this time to assist in the development of real- world automated tests.

ST021 – Special Topics: Customer’s Choice

This class can be customized in both length and content to suit customers’ needs. The items covered will be defined in advance so that IDT personnel can build a training course appropriately. Depending on the content, the class can be given online or on-site (to be determined by the training team). Given that the lesson plan can be created from scratch, customers are encouraged to specify a format that best satisfies their needs.

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