Employee Benefits

IDT offers a generous benefits package to its salaried employees, including:

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance – The company contributes a significant portion of the coverage for these benefits, as chosen by the employee.

Life Insurance The company provides life insurance equal to two times annual salary (up to a maximum). Upon initial enrollment, employees may purchase additional coverage.

Disability Insurance – The company provides short-term and long-term disability insurance for all salaried employees. It is available upon approval by the carrier.

Comprehensive Leave – Leave is accumulated each pay period and is based upon years of relevant experience; it may be used for vacation, personal reasons or sick leave.

Holidays Salaried employees receive eleven (11) paid holidays each calendar year – three of which are “floating” and may be used at the employee’s discretion.

Retirement Savings Plan Salaried employees can defer a portion of their compensation in a 401(k) retirement savings plan. IDT provides matching contributions; employees are 100% vested on day one.