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Automated Testing Can Limit Technology Failures

Last week’s news was filled with examples of extensive technology failures. For United Airlines, glitches with their reservations system temporarily grounded almost 5,000 flights. The same day, the New York Stock Exchange’s system went down during trading—apparently due to problems caused by software updates. While initially these issues may have triggered hacking fears, it turns out that technical problems were the source. These are just two more illustrations of our increased dependence on the smooth functioning of technology in our everyday lives.

Systems must be regularly tested.

With the potential for these and other issues to develop, organizations must do whatever they can to prevent similar complications. Systems must be maintained to the highest standards. This translates to building and maintaining software and systems that have been and are regularly tested.

Automated testing is efficient.

In the past, software testing was a cumbersome manual process that, while necessary, had the potential to delay projects and consume development resources. Today, however, automated software testing technology enables extremely efficient software testing. Automation provides broad testing coverage throughout all stages of the development and life of a system. Correctly implemented, it results in highly reliable, quality assured systems that can be tested regularly with minimal interruption.

ATRT enables automation.

Fortunately, companies exist that have expertise in automation. Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) specializes in automated testing, data analysis and cybersecurity for large systems. The company has a proven reputation for applying automation to the testing and analysis of complex weapon systems for the Department of Defense (DOD). (See Case Studies.) Using patented Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT) processes, IDT has enabled an average increase of 75% in software testing efficiency for its customers in the DOD and defense contracting arenas.

In a world that depends on the smooth functioning of a plethora of systems, automated testing is a necessity. The good news is that the technology and expertise are available to satisfy this need. Don’t just hope that a system you are developing or using is being adequately tested. Let IDT evaluate your current processes and customize an automated testing solution specifically for your system.  Contact us today.