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Bringing Artistic Freedom to Software Testing

By Vinny Vallarine

What is it that attracts engineers to software development? It is a field that incorporates intellectual engagement, strict rules and processes, and creative freedom. For many, the artistic piece is the main lure.  For this group, nothing can compete with the artistic freedom inherent in developing and testing software. However, there are many more tools available that enable developers to nurture that creativity than there are for testers. Can skilled software developers and testers share the same creative satisfaction?

The processes of developing or testing software can be rewarding to engineers for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the intellectual melding of two opposing mindsets.

When we develop software, for example, we have a cerebral dichotomy in place.  On one hand, we are constrained by the hard and fast rules of the languages and tools we’re using.  That is the nonnegotiable side of software development.  Language syntax, for example, is simply immutable and allows no freedom.  On the other hand, developers are essentially given an open canvas upon which to create our technical art.  Whether we’re developing code line by line or from a model driven approach, we have a virtual sandbox in which to play.

There are infinite ways to construct a package of software to accomplish a given task.  No two developers will build a piece of software in the same exact way.  Just think of the multitude of approaches that could be used in designing your methods, classes, plugins, files…etc.  This artistic freedom is responsible for much of the attraction to software development within the technical community.

The same is true for automated software testing. A reliable automated testing product like ATRT: Test Manager  furnishes users with an actual palette and canvas upon which to architect/model their testing approach.  Empowered by technologies like ATRT: Test Manager, the tester has the same artistic liberty as the developer.  Bringing this freedom to software testing is proving to be game-changing.  Engineers who enjoy testing test more; testing more results in better quality; and better quality means more business.

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Vinny Vallarine is a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead at Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) in Arlington, Virginia.   He has been a contributing member to the development of ATRT: Test Manager since its inception.