Automated Capabilities for Complex Systems

The delivery of large, complex, high-performance software systems is an ever-increasing challenge. Quality must be assured through strategic planning, diligent testing, and comprehensive analysis throughout the development process. The security and reliability of the information infrastructure must be maintained. The mission-critical nature of systems for the Department of Defense (DOD) leaves no room for compromise or error.

Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) is committed to delivering enabling technologies that ensure system quality, functionality, and readiness. Our engineers possess industry-leading subject matter expertise and apply a disciplined methodology to the automated testing, analysis, and security (ATA) of large, complex systems. IDT’s approach is especially effective with systems which are data intensive or have multiple configurations. Our team utilizes patented Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT)  methodologies and disruptive innovation to create customized solutions and ensure program success.

ATRT enables IDT to apply best-in-class automation to testing and analysis throughout the entire system lifecycle. This methodology is foundational to the solutions we deliver and has transformed the development of complex systems for the DOD. IDT’s leading-edge approach to testing and analysis improves software quality while saving time and money. Our customers consistently experience an average increase in overall efficiency of 85%. Our capabilities include:

  • Continuous Integration

  • Automated System Testing and Certification

  • Automated Data Analysis

  • Cybersecurity

  • Cloud Computing

Continuous Integration

 Continuous Integration is the software engineering best practice of merging, testing, and integrating software at frequent intervals throughout the development process. Continuous Integration (CI) environments prevent integration problems and increase quality controls, resulting in the faster delivery of better software.

The CI solutions offered by IDT can improve technical performance, decrease costs, and speed the development of warfare systems. They can run in any type of environment—the cloud, networked, or standalone—and offer many advantages.

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Automated System Testing and Certification

auto sys testingIDT offers highly effective automated solutions for the entire system testing lifecycle. Our engineers possess deep subject matter expertise in automated software testing and system certification. They work closely with customers to design comprehensive system testing strategies that include: requirements management, development, test execution, reporting, and certification. Our automated testing solutions initiate testing earlier in the development cycle, reduce redundant testing, and enable Agile, 24/7/365 test execution.

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Automated Data Analysis

IDT’s powerful automated data analysis capabilities rapidly evaluate system behavior against requirements and performance specifications. Our team utilizes ATRT technology to implement high-fidelity analysis and to provide system requirements verification and test result analytics to support overall testing. This innovative capability generates result reports and plots to identify system problems and support defect resolution.

Our technology and services support large, complex, software-based systems in which the required analysis exceeds the capacity of human analysts and program resources.

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IDT’s cybersecurity capabilities enable a more efficient and comprehensive approach to information assurance in large enterprise systems. IDT’s cybersecurity solutions include automated end-to-end vulnerability assessment and remediation.

Our processes enable the rapid detection and resolution of security vulnerabilities—reducing the time, resources, and costs associated with ensuring system security.

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Cloud Computing

cloud computingAs the government embraces the efficiencies of Cloud Computing, IDT is at the forefront of offering cloud-enabled solutions for the Department of Defense (DOD). We understand the security concerns surrounding the placement of highly sensitive data in a cloud environment. Our secure cloud solutions provide access to multiple software capabilities while minimizing hardware and storage needs and maximizing efficiency.

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