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IDT Donates Laptops to Computer Equipment for Kids

On Monday, January 29, 2018, Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) donated a number of used laptops to Mark Bartlett from Computer Equipment for Kids. This organization, founded in 2012, refurbishes used computer equipment for students and other nonprofit organizations. Mark personally cleans the donated computers, installs new operating systems, fixes minor issues, and delivers the machines ready for immediate use. To date, he has provided almost 200 computers.

IDT Donates Laptops

Mark grew up in Alexandria, VA and now lives in Fairfax County. He founded Computer Equipment for Kids (CEFK) after seeing the need in some local elementary schools. According to Mark, “I firmly believe everyone should have access to technology and the internet. Just think about how having a computer in your home has helped you learn things you never would have learned otherwise.”

Initially, Mark focused on providing computers to students in K-6, but as the word spread, people reached out on behalf of students in all grades and from various locations. In recent months, CEFK has prepared and donated laptops to a Charter School in Philadelphia, PA and the Baltimore Youth Arts program in Baltimore, MD. Additionally, they have partnered with several nonprofits such as Parents as Educational Partners (PEP) and Our Neighbors Child (ONC) to support their outreach to students in the community.

Once IDT became aware of Mark’s organization, Thom Garrett started setting aside employee laptops that were being replaced. According to Thom, “It’s a privilege to partner with Computer Equipment for Kids to provide laptops to students in our community. Not only is this organization making a difference for students, but it is supporting the study of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)—areas many of us at IDT are passionate about.”

IDT provides cutting-edge technologies to the US Department of Defense. The company has a strong interest in fostering STEM skills and study at every academic level. STEM education equips the next generation of innovators and enables new technologies, products and processes. These skills are essential to the workforce at IDT and to the future of the DOD.

CEFK is always looking for Wi-Fi enabled laptops and tablets. Potential donors are encouraged to contact with “Computers for Kids – Donations” in the subject line of the email.