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IDT’s Insights on Automated Software Testing


At Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT), our business is based on the firm belief that Automated Software Testing (AST) is essential to the future of software development for large, complex, mission-critical systems. As unbelievable as it may sound, this cutting-edge technology can improve software testing effectiveness up to 75% when compared to current testing methods. The successful implementation of AST improves software quality while saving time and money.

Here at IDT, we are fortunate to have many Automated Software Testing professionals, gurus and interested parties under one roof. Throughout this blog, we will be sharing from our research, experience, and expertise. Our hope is to increase industry knowledge about this important technology. As long as so much software testing is still being done manually, we will strive to spread the word about the benefits of AST.  Let’s start with the basics.

What is Automated Software Testing?

Various definitions come to mind when software developers hear the term Automated Software Testing (AST). In general, AST is the implementation of software technology throughout all phases of the software testing lifecycle in order to improve testing efficiency and effectiveness.

Software can be developed, and indeed exists, that converts manual software tests into automated tests. All tests that are part of a manual testing program can be automated, including: functional, regression, interface, concurrency, endurance, and performance tests. Automating manual tests, especially those that will be run regularly and repeated often, makes sense.

The overall objective of AST is to design, develop and deliver automated test and re-test capability that increases software testing efficiencies and reduces the cost, time and resources associated with traditional test and evaluation methods.

We hope you will follow along as we discuss automated software testing and related topics! Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or if we can help you with your testing effort.