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Information Security Solutions for Enterprise Systems

Breaches in information security have been populating the press regularly. Consider the ever-expanding list of nationwide retailers that have been hit with massive consumer information leaks in the last year, including: Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael’s. In the realm of national defense, the transgressions of Edward Snowden are well-known. Cyber intrusions can jeopardize sensitive information and lead to exorbitant and unexpected losses and harm.

Although advanced attacks may have outwitted some of the best security efforts and resources, organizations must remain vigilant in terms of secure controls. Protecting systems, regardless of type and size, remains a continuous challenge. Given the current climate, there is no excuse for relying on outdated or inadequate security processes.

Cyber threats endanger systems on every level. Ensuring security can prove even more difficult for today’s complex Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). There is a pressing need for more continuous monitoring and greater cyber security in these large enterprise networks, especially those pertaining to national security or defense.

Traditional approaches to security assessments in an EIS require system administrators to tediously review checklists of vulnerabilities. What is needed for these systems is an automated solution that secures, protects and certifies the EIS and offers expanded coverage without disrupting existing scanning systems.

Innovative Defense Technologies – IDT – delivers automated cybersecurity solutions that utilize a knowledge-based automated process for detecting and resolving security vulnerabilities in enterprise networks. IDT uses its ATRT technologies to offer:

  • Automated end to end vulnerability assessments
  • Knowledge management for scan results
  • Automated waiver processing
  • Automated remediation
  • Policy Compliance and Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

Implementing an automated security solution significantly expands security coverage while simultaneously reducing the time and costs associated with ensuring an EIS.  IDT offers system administrators a leading-edge alternative for their cybersecurity needs. For more information, contact Innovative Defense Technologies.