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Navy SBIR Success Story: IDT Provides Automated Verification and Validation and Cloud-to-Edge

February 21, 2022—The Navy has published a new SBIR Success Story (Topic Number: N161-043) describing how SBIR funding and Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) helped meet its needs for Automated Verification and Validation (AV&V) and Cloud-to-Edge development. The AV&V capability was needed to support distributed testing between the Navy’s AN/SQQ-89 Undersea Warfare Combat System, the AEGIS Weapon System, and other combat system elements. NAVSEA sought an innovative technology with the goal of reducing lifecycle costs and manpower bottlenecks.

IDT addressed this need by providing an AV&V framework for distributed testing applicable in a variety of configurations. Using capabilities from the Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT) software platform and a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach, IDT helped NAVSEA successfully achieve their goals. In addition to cost and quality benefits, AV&V increases coverage and significantly reduces the average lag time for system certification.

Following the success of Phase I and Phase II projects, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) awarded IDT a Phase III contract worth over $13 million for Cloud-to-Edge (CTE) development. In this project, IDT is harnessing the power of cloud computing and big data fusion to build a complete operational picture and enhance the agility of naval warfighters. The CTE environment enables secure combat system development, automated software testing and analysis, and scalable simulation.

IDT continues to leverage ATRT capabilities in its work on the CTE program with the ultimate goal of enabling the Navy to assess and certify software on demand on single vessels or within larger carrier strike groups while deployed.

According to the article: “The CTE program has created a new pathway to revolutionize the speed at which the Navy can modernize current systems and keep pace with future threats.”