Synchronized Solutions for the Mission

To ensure readiness in today’s climate of increasing global challenges, the warfighter must be equipped with up-to-the-minute technologies. Complex systems must be synchronized across multiple domains in support of the mission. IDT’s solutions enable rapid integration, communication, and testing–bolstering the ability for all system platforms to work together to transform the speed of system delivery, usher in modernization, and accomplish the mission.

Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) offers innovative, industry-leading solutions that dramatically improve the quality and accelerate the delivery of capabilities to the warfighter.  Our engineers are adept at creating and managing Continuous Integration (CI) environments, as well as designing, building, and managing Cloud Computing architectures. Our knowledge and experience in system testing and analysis, combined with the use of patented automated methodologies and technologies, enable us to deliver highly strategic solutions.

More than just applying automation, our transformative approach equips clients to completely change how testing is conducted throughout the system lifecycle. Our customers in the DOD have consistently experienced an average increase in testing efficiency of greater than 85%.

Our areas of solution expertise include:

  • Development and Integration Testing

  • Continuous Integration

  • System and Certification Testing

  • Installation Testing

  • Cybersecurity Testing

  • Cloud Computing

Development and Integration Testing

Development and Integration Testing of large scale, mission-critical systems is a complex undertaking. This critical area of testing validates that development requirements are fulfilled and system integration is successful. Specific types of tests that often fit into this category of testing include: functional, interface, and software requirements verification tests….

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Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the software engineering best practice of merging, testing, and integrating software at frequent intervals throughout the development process. Continuous Integration environments prevent integration problems and increase quality controls, resulting in the faster delivery of better software….

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System and Certification Testing

System and Certification Testing of complex, mission-critical systems is a crucial component in the ultimate delivery of systems. System and Certification testing encompass the comprehensive, pre-deployment testing of all elements of a system from end-to-end, ensuring that the system performance is suitable for use….

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Installation Testing

Once a system, or system of systems, is ready to be deployed on its final platform, a full end-to-end installation test and checkout of the system needs to be performed. Installation testing often includes: interface testing, network connectivity tests, checkout tests and system health checks….

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Cybersecurity Testing

Cyber threats are a pervasive reality in our world today. They are rapidly increasing and are becoming progressively sophisticated. Protecting large, enterprise systems against cyber threats requires a formidable effort. Successful cyber-attacks may result in espionage, theft, or alteration of information. Infrastructure targets may include enterprise systems, defense systems, control systems, energy grid systems, and many more. There is a pressing need for increased continuous monitoring, comprehensive vulnerability assessment, and rapid remediation of security issues….

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Cloud Computing

As the government embraces the efficiencies of Cloud Computing, IDT is at the forefront of offering cloud-enabled solutions for the Department of Defense (DOD). We understand the security concerns surrounding the placement of highly sensitive data in a cloud environment….

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