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Cybersecurity Testing

Cyber threats are a pervasive reality in our world today. They are rapidly increasing and are becoming progressively sophisticated. Protecting large, enterprise systems against cyber threats requires a formidable effort. Successful cyber-attacks may result in espionage, theft, alternation, or destruction of specified targets. Infrastructure targets may include enterprise systems, defense systems, control systems, energy grid systems, and financial systems, to name a few. There is a pressing need for increased continuous monitoring, comprehensive vulnerability assessment and rapid remediation of security issues.

IDT offers advanced solutions to combat cybersecurity threats. Our revolutionary approach utilizes a knowledge-based automated process for detecting and resolving security vulnerabilities in enterprise networks. Our technologies and methodologies produce greater security in complex infrastructures, especially those pertaining to national security or defense. Our cybersecurity solutions offer:

  • Automated end to end vulnerability assessment
  • Knowledge management for scan results
  • Automated waiver processing
  • Automated remediation
  • Policy Compliance; Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

Being on the offense with IDT’s automated cyber defense is a sure way to secure your operations.

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