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Development and Integration Testing

Development and Integration Testing of large scale, mission-critical systems is a complex undertaking. This critical area of testing validates that development requirements are fulfilled and system integration is successful. Specific types of tests that often fit into this category of testing include: functional, interface, and software requirements verification tests.

Functional tests answer questions like, “Does this feature work?” or “Can the operator do this?”  Performance, stress, or endurance tests are often used when the focus is exercising the system at or outside the bounds of standard situations or settings. In complex system development and integration, potentially thousands of requirements must be accounted for and multiple configurations need to be verified. The magnitude of this task is multiplied when resources are strained and deadlines are approaching quickly.

IDT’s powerful development and integration solutions mitigate these time consuming and labor intensive types of efforts. Our solutions can:

  • Enable Continuous Integration
  • Improve Software Quality
  • Reduce Delivery Time
  • Reduce Manpower

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