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Installation Testing

Once a system, or system of systems, is ready to be deployed on its final platform, a full end-to-end installation test and checkout of the system needs to be performed. Installation testing often includes: interface testing, network connectivity tests, checkout tests and system health checks.

A central consideration regarding the installation phase is the increasing complexity of systems under test, which require more testing time and tester expertise, both of which ultimately impact system and platform availability. When considering systems on-board platforms, crew members who execute test procedures must possess increased testing knowledge and expend additional time as systems grow and testing needs intensify. More efficient testing can significantly reduce installation schedule and manpower demands.

IDT offers comprehensive solutions for the automation of complex end-to-end system installation testing for large scale systems.  These solutions can:

  • Reduce Testing Timeline
  • Reduce Manpower
  • Identify and Remedy Problems More Efficiently
  • Increase Quality of Installed Software
  • Enable More Rapid Deployment

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