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System and Certification Testing

System and Certification Testing of complex, mission-critical systems is a crucial component in the ultimate delivery of systems. System and Certification testing encompass the comprehensive, pre-deployment testing of all elements of a system from end-to-end, ensuring that the system performance is suitable for use.

Some examples of system testing include system requirements verification, performance, stress, and endurance tests. Often the amount of requirements and sheer volume of data to be checked and analyzed is overwhelming and consequently certification is based on the evaluation of a limited subset of data.

Traditional methods of System and Certification testing are often cumbersome or outdated. In many instances with large systems, the required testing and analysis exceeds the capacity of human analysts and program resources. IDT offers sophisticated automated processes and technologies for these complex tasks. Our solutions can:

  • Expand Test Coverage
  • Provide Consistent and Repeatable Test and Analysis Capability
  • Reduce Certification Timeline
  • Reduce Manpower

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