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What is Automated Software Testing?

Automated Software Testing is the application of automation technology throughout the software testing lifecycle with the goal of delivering capability faster and more affordably.  The methodologies and products used to implement automation vary widely, with a range of results.  However, expertly executed and used to its full potential, automation is extremely beneficial and has the potential to transform how large, complex, software-based systems are tested and delivered.

Here at Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT), we are experts in the field of automated software testing. We employ a powerful, patented methodology for implementing automated software testing and analysis throughout the system lifecycle. This key technology, Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT), enables the rapid delivery of software-based capabilities. ATRT is a U.S. Navy initiative originating from the DOD’s SBIR program. ATRT was designed to efficiently test, analyze, and protect today’s large, complex, mission-critical systems and encompasses:

The Benefits of Automation

Automated software testing offers a revolutionary alternative to manual testing methods. This technology enables the automation of testing tasks and provides broad testing coverage and functionality across the entire software testing lifecycle. Implemented correctly, automated software testing offers the following advantages over manual testing:

  • Improved software quality: Repeatable, consistent and thorough automated tests support the delivery of high quality software.
  • Improved documentation: Automated tests readily produce documented, objective, quality evidence, including requirements traceability and comprehensive pass/fail results.
  • Reduced testing time and manpower: Automated tests run significantly faster than manual tests, are less labor-intensive, and provide the capability to verify thousands to millions of test permutations in minutes to hours. For our DOD customers, this translates to accelerating the delivery of capability to the warfighter.
  • Cost savings: Automation can markedly reduce the costs involved in producing first-rate software. Savings result from not only reduced test time and manpower but also from lower lifecycle costs as a result of improved software quality and documentation.

The Transforming Power of Automated Software Testing

The team at IDT possesses industry-leading subject matter expertise in the implementation of automated software testing and automated test and analysis (ATA) solutions. Our knowledge and experience, combined with the use of ATRT methodologies and technologies, equip us to deliver game-changing automated solutions to our customers in the defense sector.  More than just applying automation to current processes, our solutions enable our customers to completely change how they test and deliver systems. In fact, using automation with ATRT, our customers across the DOD have consistently experienced an average improvement of 85% over previous manual approaches.

Ready for Transformation?

IDT is in the business of enabling the more rapid and affordable delivery of software-based capabilities. Our patented ATRT methodologies and technologies bolster software development efforts with solutions that expand test coverage, improve data analysis, and ensure information security. The IDT team has successfully delivered more than 100 projects to our defense industry partners, enabling them to transform their testing and achieve their program goals.

IDT can work with you to create a well-defined automated testing strategy, deliver a turnkey automated solution, and support all phases of your system testing needs. Contact us to discuss your program.  Isn’t it time to transform your testing?

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